Visit our 360 virtual exhibition “Desiring Machines” from your home sofa

Spreading of the COVID-19 pandemic around the globe faced us with numerous challenges to our health, safety, our economies and quality of life. BITE of Art made a decision in cooperation with Novembar Gallery to join global initiatives of cultural institutions and open for you the doors of “Desiring Machines” exhibition, by allowing you to experience exclusive online Virtual Gallery Tour.

Art and culture need to be accessible to us all in these challenging times and help us to brighten up our days, inspire some creative thoughts and lift our spirit. This is why we are joining this worldwide initiative and allowing you to experience “Desiring Machines” exhibition through BITE of Art 360 Virtual Tour in test phase.

Click here to enter Desiring Machines 360 virtual tour


Desiring Machines is a curated group exhibition of heterogeneous works by artists: Ivana Bašić, Marija Avramović & Sam Twidale, Nataša Teofilović, Boštjan Čadež, Milena Milosavljević, Gorana Bačevac, Adrienn Újházi and Orjen Djurić. Through the virtual gallery tour we prepared for you will be able to go through the gallery space and experience the ways in which different forms of the existing technical and technological achievements influence and change the perception we have about ourselves, as well as our surroundings and everyday life. By virtually moving through the gallery and by clicking on highlighted fields, you can find more information about the exhibited artworks which in the most direct manner speak about some of the ongoing themes, such as biogenetic engineering, life in virtual reality, robotics, cyborgs, but also investigate the attitude towards the objects of mass production as objects of desire, without which life today could not be imagined. BITE 360 experience also allow you to find more information about featured artists and introduce yourself with their other artworks.

Test BITE of Art 360 Virtual Tour – try, experience and send us the feedback. Don’t forget to share and mention us by using #BITEofArt

The project “BITE of Art” is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

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