Nicht Fallen

Galerija Kresija, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Jošt Franko

8.9 - 4.10.2020.

The exhibition Nicht Fallen by Slovenian artist Jošt Franko is being displayed in Kresija Gallery in Ljubljana since September 8, 2020. Jošt is  a visual artist and photographer with a master’s degree from Goldsmiths University. His practice is based on interdisciplinary art and research projects exploring migration, workers’ rights, and the histories of the communities and individuals living in the former Yugoslavia.

This exhibition is an integral part of an ongoing interdisciplinary project that has been collecting, chronicling and depicting the communities and landscapes scarred and marginalised by the war in the former Yugoslavia since 2017. Juxtaposed with found objects, the images of daily life raise issues that testify to the universality of recurrent violence and the perpetuation of conflict long after the war has ended.

BITE of Art is taking part in the implementation of this exhibiton and all visitors will have a chance to use their smartphones to access a digital database of information related to the artist and the exhibitied artpieces. 

The exhibition is available as a free virtual guided tour which you can visit by clicking on the player on the top of this page.

Venue: Gallery Kresija (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Dates: 8.9 – 4.10.2020

Artists: Jošt Franko

The project “BITE of Art” is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

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