Young people in Ljubljana welcomed the BITE Art Night

The BITE Art Night took a stage in Ljubljana, innovating the night out for young people in this city. Within the framework of the “Nicht Fallen” exhibition in the Kresija Gallery, BITE Art Night event was held on September 11, combining the contemporary art with a party experience.

Audience were able to enjoy the guided tour through the artworks of young Slovenian artist Jošt Franko in the atmosphere of party, with the performance by young saxophone player Saba Selássie and DJs Ramzes and Madam Tu So. The experience was further boosted with the opportunity to interact with those art pieces using the BITE of Art application and innovative digital technology and explore the story behind the exhibition.

BITE ART NIGHT was organized within the project BITE of Art, which is supported by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

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