Installation “What do you think?” by Lea Embeli presented in Belgrade

The interactive installation “What do you think?” by young Serbian artist Lea Embeli was presented to public in gallery “X Vitamin” in Belgrade on December 15, 2020. The production of this artwork was supported by BITE of Art as Lea is one of 6 young artists coming from Serbia, Spain and Slovenia who were selected within our Open Call. These emerging artists will produce 6 socially engaged works of art aimed at promotion of universal European values of Peace, Solidarity, Freedom, Tolerance and Equality.

The work “What do you think?” gives visitors the freedom to change the course of the exhibition by intervening in the way installation is set. Each subsequent observer has the right to shape the work based on their own will and values. By doing this visitor take part in a specific social experiment whose goal is to encourage them to think on the importance of equality and individualism in modern times.

The exhibition can be visited until December 22. BITE is happy to invite you to tell Lea what do you think about her artwork and the values it promotes. And if you are not able to see the installation in person you can see the virtual tour here: 

The project “BITE of Art” is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

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