What do you think

X Vitamin, Belgrade, Serbia

Lea Embeli

20.12.2020 - 5.1.2021.

What does equality mean to you?

Referring to probably the most popular depiction of the creation of man, Michelangelo’s scene of the Creation of Adam, the artist Lea Embeli introduces us to a labyrinth in which there is no way out, but only a mirror at the end of each journey. Rethinking one’s own values, principles and way of life is a process that Homo Sapiens often avoids. We mostly see no reason for the truth and like to stay in our comfort zones. It is much easier to stick to a certain social group that conditionally accepts and appreciates us in relation to our own reasoning.

The work “What do you think?” faces the observer with a choice and a foreign feeling of freedom – we have the power to select and decide on the very final outcome of the work of art. If fear and ego are not overcame, we realize that “What do you think?” continues to live and move with the help of each subsequent “observer”, forming a completely new system of values. There is no end result, the colors change, and the limiting beliefs are reprogrammed and the knowledge of equality and the power of individuality come to realization.

The installation is available as a free virtual guided tour which you can visit by clicking on the player on the top of this page.

Venue: X Vitamin Gallery (Belgrade, Serbia)

Dates: 15.12 – 21.12.2020

Artist: Lea Embeli

The project “BITE of Art” is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

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