20 Years Of FARM PROD

The retrospective exhibition „20 YEARS OF FARM PROD“ has closed at LaVallée Gallery in Brussels. It showcased the most representative street art pieces created by an informal group of Belgian and European artists called FARM PROD. Now, thanks to the power of the BITE 360 tools, this exhibition will continue to be on display indefinitely in the digital realm. 

The BITE360 virtual tour enables audiences to visit the exhibition in 3D on their phones or computers. Explore the exhibited artworks and find out the stories behind them by following this link.

Venue: LaVallée (Brussles, Belgium)

Dates: 1.9-30.9.2023

Artists: Alexis Corrand, Arnaud Debal, Fred Lebbe, Guillaume Desmarets, Nelson Dos Reis, Piotr Szlachta

BITE of Art project is co-funded by the European Union.

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