My Room is My Government Office – Artists: KABИNET 553 (Zala Bokal, Andraž Podvez, Miloš Janjić)

My room is my government office is a multimedia art installation, which tries to initiate the perception, questioning and understanding of the five core European values ​​- Peace – Solidarity – Individual freedom – Equality – Tolerance.

The room is the starting point, the basic concept, from which the proposed spatial setting emerges.

The idea of ​​an art project is to create a platform, where objects or parts of objects are taken from our everyday context and given a new function that transforms them into “abnormal” and fantastic objects, deprived of their usual purpose.

In addition, the objects are not arranged in different rooms, where they are normally located, but are all in one space, without walls and partitions, which suggests the freedom and universality of space.

In the installation space, people are invited not only to be passers-by or visitors, but also performers.

Through reflection and action, they take part in changing the space, in accordance with their understanding and attitude towards European values. This sets the message that all individuals are equally important for the functioning of the society. No document is required to enter the space. The crucial need is to be equal and to have equal opportunities.

People who find themselves in the exhibition are welcome to bring some of the personal items from their room, and participate in the construction of a common room during the exhibition, as a space for dialogue on social values ​​in Europe.

Personal participation as a moment is key in “implementing” values in real world, because they should not only exist as concepts, but are there to be observed, to be thought of, and to be practiced by individuals and by society as a whole.

The newly established team KABИNET 553 consists of Zala Bokal, Andraž Podvez, Miloš Janjić.

Venue: KC Magacin (Belgrade, Serbia)

Dates: 23.2 – 28.2.2021

Artists: Zala Bokal, Andraž Podvez, Miloš Janjić.

The project “BITE of Art” is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

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