The key elements of the BITE CABM

Concept of the BITE CABM 2.0 is based on innovation as a tool for boosting competitiveness of cultural operators in the field of contemporary visual art and attracting new and wider young audience, through these several elements:

  • 1) Virtual realty in 360°

    - giving opportunity to cultural operators to attract new audience on the much wider scale by transformation of contemporary art exhibitions into virtual guided tours with VR 360° experience - with a special emphasis on “guided tours”.

  • 2) Internet guided interaction with artworks

    – by using three types of technology solutions, NFC, Image Recognition and geolocation, audience at the exhibitions’ places are getting new information, new experience and fully guided interaction through simple IoT tool in their smartphone devices (BITE mobile application).

  • 3) BITE of Art Tour

    - Socially engaging contemporary visual art performances in the public spaces captured through the lenses of Virtual Reality and transformed into permanent open-air contemporary art tour through the city. This tour will be freely and easily accessible through the upgraded BITE of Art mobile application;

  • 4) New management concept of running BITE Virtual galleries

    that are based on the freely and easily accessible blockchain technology allowing cultural operators to access new global markets;

  • 5) Augmented reality-based gamifications

    using codes accessible on Facebook and Instagram, creating an immersive and interactive experience of contemporary visual art exhibitions, which will be integrated into BITE IoT;

  • 6) Content marketing approach

    for social engagement through contemporary visual art and audience development.

In order to effectively apply in practice these innovative elements, BITE CABM sets following universal frameworks that will help cultural operators in upgrading their business, as well in application of the available BITE content:

- Audience approach – Introduction to the key target groups of the BITE of Art solutions and approach in communication with them.

- Unique Value Proposition – Insight in key innovating elements in communication of contemporary art that BITE brings, with focus on competitive advantage.

- Strategic planning - Stresing importance of the strategic planning approach in the work of cultural operators, with focus on strategic communication planning.

- Revenue Streams - Introduce on how application of BITE solutions into work of the cultural operators is matching their current needs and future strives – for increasing competitiveness, increasing audience, raising revenue, attracting youth and new audience and new buyers.

Specific bespoke BITE elements, that are developed and tested are presented within this CABM in form of guidelines. Their purpose is to help cultural operators to ease apply BITE content into their business and daily work. They are:

BITE Communication strategy

Overview of the key strategic communication principles of the BITE solutions and instruction for their implementation in practice

BITE of Art Web platform

BITE of Art mobile application

provided in the form of procedures and standards for application of these BITE digital tools, with precise guideline with screenshots for using each feature of the web portal and mobile application


Using IoT technology, including AR to lead audience through the interactive journey of contemporary art exhibitions - step-by-step guideline, including applicable checklist and instructions linked with using BITE mobile application.

BITE 360

VR experience of contemporary art events / exhibition, virtual guided tour with 360° experience -step-by-step guideline, including applicable checklist and instructions linked with using BITE mobile application.

BITE Art Tour

Visual art performances in the public spaces viewed thru the smartphone lenses at assign geolocations - -step-by-step guideline, including applicable checklist and instructions linked with using BITE mobile application.

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