Building Relationships and Sustainability focuses on the vital aspects of cultivating strong relationships with artists and stakeholders in the BITE Virtual Gallery. It's important to note that cultural operators, have the flexibility to choose between two options for utilizing the BITE Virtual Gallery. They can either opt to use a dedicated BITE Virtual Gallery account on OpenSea or open their own account on OpenSea and independently manage it, by following this guideline. Regardless of the chosen approach, the BITE Virtual Gallery ensures that maintaining a positive relationship with the represented artists is a priority. This involves clear communication, timely payments of royalties, and ongoing support. By providing these essential elements, the BITE Virtual Gallery aims to foster a collaborative and sustainable environment for digital art. Additionally, the section emphasizes the significance of collecting feedback from both buyers and artists to continually enhance the gallery's offerings and improve the overall experience. The BITE Virtual Gallery also actively explores opportunities for collaborations and partnerships within the NFT and digital art community, further expanding its visibility and impact while fostering a vibrant ecosystem for artists and cultural operators alike.

8.1. Maintaining a relationship with the artists

• Foster positive and open communication channels with the artists represented in the BITE Virtual Gallery. Regularly engage in conversations to establish strong relationships and address any concerns or inquiries they may have.

• Ensure accurate payments of royalties to the artists for their artworks sold through the BITE Virtual Gallery. Transparency in financial transactions is essential to maintain trust and sustain a productive partnership.

• Provide ongoing support to the artists by offering guidance, resources, and assistance whenever needed. Act as a reliable point of contact for them, offering advice and helping them navigate the NFT and digital art landscape.

8.2. Collecting feedback from buyers and artists

• Actively seek feedback from buyers and artists regarding their experiences with the BITE Virtual Gallery. Regularly conduct surveys or solicit feedback through communication channels to gather insights and suggestions for improvement.

• Analyse the feedback received and identify areas of improvement. Use the feedback as a basis for implementing changes and enhancements that align with the needs and preferences of buyers and artists.

• Continuously iterate and evolve your utilisation of the BITE Virtual Gallery based on the feedback received, or your OpenSea account aiming to create a user-friendly and engaging platform that meets the expectations of both buyers and artists.

8.3. Exploring opportunities for collaborations and partnerships

• Proactively seek out potential collaborations and partnerships with other cultural operators, galleries, art organizations, and art institutions in the NFT and digital art community.

• Engage in strategic discussions and negotiations to form partnerships that can mutually benefit all parties involved, including increasing exposure for artists and expanding the reach of your collection at the BITE Virtual Gallery or your own OpenSea account.

• Leverage these collaborations and partnerships to promote the minted NFTs collected and its artists through joint marketing initiatives.

• Continuously monitor the evolving landscape of the NFT and digital art community to identify emerging trends, technologies, and opportunities for further growth and sustainability.

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