Digital analytics

In marketing and communication most of the work and time is devoted to testing, monitoring and analysing. This is especially case when we are talking about digital channels of communication which, if they are not organic, demands small financial investment, yet bigger human resource investments for analysing how you communication strategy is performing. If the results are not brining you closer toward achievement of the goals set (consult Chapter 3), than something need to be changed – either your message or channel of communication or maybe both.

Each social media platform provides you with its own analytics. Links toward tutorials how to use those tools you can find below in the Chapter “Digital content creation tools”. Here we will focus on the most important one – Google Analytics. Through these analytics you can find more about level of and kind of interaction of people from social media on your web page or even to determine your social media ROI (Return of investment). There are 5 types of social analytics reports that will help you understand how impactful your social media marketing efforts are:

  • 1. Demographics and Interests report

    - It allows you to analyse the demographic and interest information of incoming visitors to your website. This can help you understand if your social media marketing strategies are effective enough to pull the right type of audiences.

  • 2. User explorer report

    It will help you understand what social sites are driving return visitors to your site. And how those visitors navigate through your site, and when these repeat visitors return.

  • 3. Conversions report –

    This report helps you understand the impact and effectiveness of your social media marketing strategies. Conversions could be lead form submissions, sales, email subscriptions, unique page views or sessions.

  • 4. Acquisitions: Social reports –

    This report offers exhaustive insights into social traffic to help you understand the impact of the social media segment. Information provided here can help you figure out whether you realize your goals or not.

  • 5. Benchmarking report –

    – It offers insights into your traffic and compares it against your competitors in the industry. Filter the report further to see the benchmark in different industries and segments. This report points you in the right direction and helps you improve your social media marketing strategy.

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