The Web portal has its public and user / members pages.

In details its usage is presented in the BITE CABM APPENDIX – Procedures, standards and manuals for use of the BITE digital tools (web page and mobile application).

BITE of Art web platform is designed as a communication tool for coordination, networking, application and promotion of the “BITE of Art” and BITE CABM. It is a landing page for all BITE of Art content, published either by the project, or individual cultural operators. Any cultural operators who intent to apply BITE CABM can use this platform. Firstly, by opening their profile page, and then by using platform for its presentation and posting their news, events / exhibitions announcements, videos, photos. Automatically, each post will be publised on the BITE social media accounts.

PUBLIC pages

The focus of the public pages of the website are news and events. The place where all events organised by the BITE network members will be announced and promoted, and their news published. In the events all 360 digitalised exhibitions will be posted in form of virtual tours. The editor of the news and events pages is BITE support team, but the content creators are BITE network members.

The secondary, but not less important focus on the public page of the website is on education – pages BITE podcast and BITE library.

- The podcast is focused on establishing a new channel for education of young people in the field of contemporary visual art and for promoting cultural operators in contemporary art among young audience.

- The library is a place for knowledge sharing and education of 1) cultural operators (motivate them to innovate the way they work in order to be competitive and ensure economic sustainability), and 2) young people about contemporary visual art, and especially about socially engaged art.

Apart from that, at the public page are full list and profiles of the BITE network members and Contact page.

PUBLIC pages

The first stop is Cultural operator’s profile page. After opening / login their User profile at the BITE Web platform, users will have their separate key “members links line”: My organization and Events announcement, and News from organisation and its events, as well access to the BITE forum.

At the My organization page members are editing own page about them (cultural operator) and automatically content is getting generated at BITE network page (PUBLIC).

The key user page is Events announcement. It is place where members are posting their information about their events. Each event could include 1) Story, 2) Video, 3) Gallery and optional 4) BITE 360 (virtual tour).

  • A. about event / exhibition,

  • B. about artist/s,

  • C. about each exhibited artwork.

Each announcement could include: text, video, photos and map location. Data from A and B are automatically generating post at the Events (PUBLIC), while data form C are inputs for BITE IoT mobile application and BITE 360 experience at virtual exhibition tour. At this User page, members are posting all their relevant news, automatically generated content in HOME page / news section (PUBLIC).

The new features in BITE 2.0 in user pages is BITE forum - tool for networking cultural operators and maintaining continues support and interaction among them on implementation of the BITE CABM 2.0 in their work.


    Using BITE Web portal for organisation’s activities

  • Posting all content about cultural operator at the members’ page “My organization”

  • Posting events announcements (text, photos, video)

  • Posting events data about artist/s and about each exhibited artwork (to be used in IoT / 360)

  • Posting organisation’s news (from events, or general organisation’s work relevant to contemporary art)

  • Using and contributing to BITE library

  • Using BITE forum for improving CABM application

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