BITE of Art initiative and the projects

The BITE of Art initiative represents a joint vision of cultural and artistic institutions and organizations coming from Spain, Slovenia, Belgium and Serbia to bring innovative practices into work of cultural operators, and indirectly to contemporary artists. BITE addressed lack of innovation in the presentation and communication of contemporary visual art with young people, allowing cultural operators in the field to dynamize exhibition spaces and communication and create new and wider young audience.

The first BITE 1.0 project was implemented from the end of 2019 until beginning of 2022 with the intention to contribute to financial sustainability of cultural operators in the field of contemporary visual art by developing and introducing into their practice the innovative BITE Contemporary Art Business Model (CABM).

During its implementation, mainly under the circumstances on outbreaks of the Covid 19 pandemic that marked new reality for the contemporary and creative sector in Europe, the BITE 1.0 project with its developed business model became “a must have” among cultural operators in contemporary visual art. Accordingly, BITE 1.0 succeed to achieve significant results:

- developed BITE CABM with accompanying digital tools for increasing audience engagement, interaction and accessibility to the artistic content,

- Designed and developed web platform as a landing page for all communication and dissemination activities and tool for hosting 360 virtual guided tours,

- Designed and developed unique mobile application (Android and iOS) as digital tool for using BITE IoT, enabling visited artworks collecting and 360 surfing,

- BITE CABM implemented in the work of 8 cultural operators on 8 exhibitions in Spain, Slovenia and Serbia, reaching over 21.000 people,

- 6 young emerging artists / groups selected and supported in production and exhibiting of their socially engaged contemporary artworks - organization of 6 public exhibition or art-performances,

- BITE through social media campaigns reached over 1.937.000 set targeted audience (young audience, artists, cultural workers and experts) from all over Europe, establishing itself as a brand,

- we raised capacities of cultural operators from 3 countries on how to use those BITE digital tools in practice, how to involve gamification aspects, and how to develop digital communication strategies targeting young people.

BITE of Art 2.0 project is based on the outputs and results of the BITE 1.0, with the intention to further deepen the innovative offer of the new BITE business model based on the ongoing needs of cultural operators in the field of contemporary visual art, most recent technologies and market developments, and to ensure sustainability and to disseminate the application of the BITE business model to the new countries that previously haven’t been part of the project.

The main aim of the BITE 2.0 is to increase competitiveness and contribute to the economic sustainability of the European cultural operators active in the field of socially engaged contemporary visual art, through development, dissemination and application of the freeware business model BITE CABM 2.0 based on innovative and digital management and marketing practices, for reshaping the way they work, and developing new and socially and politically engaged young audience.

The key differences of BITE 2.0 compared to BITE 1.0 are reflected in application of new technologies and reaching new wider audience. Thus, BITE 2.0 will:

- Apply new, and upgrade old elements within BITE of Art Pop up content - newly developed BITE Art Tour and upgraded BITE IoT and BITE 360 tools with Augmented Reality (AR) features,

- Upgrading BITE CABM 1.0 into 2.0 version by further deepening its innovative aspect through exploring open and digital spaces and technologies for entering new markets and developing new and wider young audience.

- Enhance competitiveness of cultural operators and artists through positioning their work on the global markets through opening and running “BITE Virtual galleries” using freeware Blockchain technology,

- Develop wider and new socially and politically engaged young audience of contemporary visual art through increasing accessibility, attractiveness and interaction of the existing artistic programs.

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