The experiential installation RENT + COST was on display at Circulation Gallery, Ljubljana, from 19.2 to 8.3.2021. 

The artistic activist installation deals with housing issues in the local and European space. Under the impression of free existence and the idea of ​​meritocracy, modern man suffers a sense of guilt over his own inability to survive in a system that is supposed to reward the diligent with wealth. With the project, the group Kvadratni Metar (Square Meter) focuses on the concrete causes of the living anxieties of the younger generations and the working class, as well as on the inevitable existential consequences and contradictions. There is already a paradox in the constitutions of some European Union countries regarding the right to a decent residence and the impossibility of defining it, let alone exercising it. Increasingly gentrified cities are pushing their populations and activities to the margins and transforming them into a sterile spaces adapted to tourism and real estate collectors.

Venue: Circulation Gallery (Ljubljana, Slovenia) 

Dates: 19.2 – 8.3.2021

Artists: Klara Kracina, Laura Levec, Sangara Perhaj, Urša Rahne and Pavla Zabret

The project “BITE of Art” is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

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