BITE Festival „Future of Europe – Code Green“ Takes Place in Ljubljana

The Festival of Contemporary Visual Arts „A Future of Europe: Code GREEN“ was implemented by BITE of Art and its partners on the streets of Ljubljana, Slovenia, from 9th to 13th of October 2023. The citizens and guests of the Slovenian capital had a chance to see, contribute, and participate in socially engaging performances by young emerging artists dealing with the challenges and issues related to the environment and climate change. These artists, coming from all around Europe, were selected within the BITE 2.0 Open Call and they received our support in realizing and showcasing their performances.

The following artists took part in the festival and showcased their artworks on different locations around Ljubljana:

  • Artistic group consisting of Anne Fehres and Luke Conroy 
  • Artistic group consisting of Cecilie Fand-Janssens, Ernie Thielemeans and Ash Périer
  • Artistic group consisting of Nenad Avramović and Jelena Mirković

All performances were recorded through 360 video technology and will be integrated in the permanent BITE Art Tour: Ljubljana Edition. This interactive virtual tour will utilize VR to enable people to revisit and relive the performances on the streets of Ljubljana. 

Stay tuned not to miss the launch of BITE Art Tour!

BITE of Art project is co-funded by the European Union.

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