“Sintropija” exhibition by Jon Žagar on display in Ljubljana

The exhibition of works by Jon Žagar called “Sintropija” is on display in the Library, Information and Publishing Center of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Slovenia (KIZC MO RS). The exhibition is open till 5.4.2024. We are happy to invite you to visit it and explore works by this young Slovenian artist.

Jon Žagar presents artistic photography based on the concept of the photographic act as a confrontation with our unconsciousness. The basic motif of his photography is nature, which he transforms with his camera through a specific artistic idea. It is about the intertwining between mimeticity as a faithful imitation of reality on the one hand and the formative transformation of this reality into a new, fictitious reality. The result of this work is a black-and-white poetic atmosphere, captured in photographs through solitary explorations of nighttime abandoned landscapes. In this way, photography, as an encounter with the terrifying, threatening, becomes therapy in the sense of overcoming fear and anxiety and exploring the limits of one’s self.

Written by the author:

“Every day in the morning I run along a nameless river. The river water is clear, fresh and cold, and when I am by it, my mind wanders with the flow of the river. The primary thoughts that stay with me are home, family and endless childhood. When I am there , I momentarily forget the duties of the day, become curious, and throw a stone into the river.

As I run, I reflect on the previous day and think about what the day ahead of me will be like. Sometimes already in the morning I have a heavy feeling in my chest, I have a lot of work ahead of me and there is no way to give up my responsibilities. The company expects me to contribute what I was tasked to do. I run forward, searching for strength as I climb a nearby mountain. A steep road releases acid into the legs, which tells the brain that it will be necessary to slow down. I clench my jaw and continue on my way, forgetting in the meantime what I should do. My body becomes important to me, all the focus is on inhaling and exhaling. When I get to the mountain, I look around the small town and the huge mountains.

My chest is pounding and I feel a warm sweat on my forehead. I become content to be there. There is still a good kilometer left to the destination of my journey, I look at my watch, take a photo of the mountains and run on. I stop at the finish line and consciously steady my breath. I create my new reality with my thoughts. I imagine my life flourishing. I imagine my wife and I have a nice home. I envision green numbers that bring freedom. After a few minutes, I open my eyes and start walking back to the valley, there is always a slight southerly wind blowing, I yawn and wipe my dewy eyes.”

2023 Group exhibition, Primroses of light, ZDSLU gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

2022 Group exhibition, Without an object, Photon gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

2022 Group exhibition, Artopolis: Contemporary discrepancies, Škuc gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

2021 Group exhibition, Artopolis: New Market, Cultural center Q, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

2019 Solo exhibition, Night vision/s, Metelkova mesto – Club SOT, Lovci, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

2018 Group exhibition, Invited young artists under 35, ZDSLU Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

2018 Group exhibition, Winners of the Invited young artists competition, DLUM gallery, Maribor, Slovenia.

2017 Group exhibition, Thematic Sublime, MSUM, Ljubljana.

2016 Group exhibition Invited young artists 2016 DLUM, DLUM gallery, Maribor.

  Gallery Enable participation of youth in activity DLUM in Maribor planning.

2016 Group exhibition with the collective Freštreš, Insomnia, Bikofe, Ljubljana.

2016 Group exhibition (Un)known, during the month of photography Photonic moments, Photon gallery, Ljubljana.

2016 Group Exhibition, After All, Photography Month, organisation by Photon Gallery, Krakow, Poland.

2016 Group exhibition ALUO LXX: Past, present, future, Jakopičeva gallery, Ljubljana.

2015 Group exhibition with the Freštreš collective, Sale, gallery GT22, Maribor.

2015 Group exhibition, Appropriation of the moment, Dig Gallery, Košice, Slovakia.

2015 Group exhibition, Appropriation of the moment, gallery GT22, Maribor.

2014 Group exhibition, Controversial: exhibition of ALUO students, Photon gallery, Ljubljana.

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