BITE of Art Podcast – Episode 2: The skin of young emerging artist, Nenad Avramovic

Welcome to the second episode of the BITE of Art podcast. We are continuing our journey through the contemporary art, listening to what young emerging artists has to say about the world they live in. 

Our guest is Nenad Avramović, a young emerging artist whose artwork “Our Beloved”, together with his colleague Jelena Mirkovic, was supported and financed by the BITE of Art project in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Their artwork or more precisely socially engaging artistic performance was implemented as part of the BITE festival “A future of Europe: Code GREEN” and afterward became permanently recorded through the first ever BITE Art Tour that is accessible over the BITE mobile application to all citizens and visitors of Ljubljana.

What was their performance about? What is to position of young emerging artists in the society? What can we do to help them thrive and make an impact? These and many more “what” questions that has been raised, Nenad answered for us. 

The podcast is a part of the BITE of Art project, that is supported by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union. Our goal is to bring innovation in the creation, dissemination, and consumption of contemporary art, making it more accessible and mainstream throughout Europe. 

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