Strategic planning

Strategic reflection of all future moves, and above all when introducing new practices and technologies into the business, is imperative. The same imply on cultural operators, especially when dealing with new contemporary art expressions that require the need to keep up with the technological development and the new audience that follows this development. BITE of Art, firstly as an initiative and BITE 2.0 project is predominantly focused on strategic approach that cultural operators have to make in communication with the audience. That lead us to the necessity of strategic communication planning, to which a separate chapter and precise step-by-step guideline is dedicated in this CABM – Annex 3: Communication Strategy.

Strategic thinking about communications is a process of increasing skills of cultural institutions to implement engaging and creative communication campaigns and to contribute to their events to reach higher visibility and wider audience. Communication Strategy is a separate tool developed under the BITE of Art, that can help potential cultural operators, who intent to apply BITE CABM in their work to tactically plan and use all communication channels at their disposal, and to cross them with defined approaches to the targeted audience, key messages and BITE technology tools. In addition, the Strategy will boost visibility of all cultural operators who are applying BITE CABM, as they are becoming members of the emerging pan-European network of cultural operators in contemporary art. Automatically with their placed information, through BITE channels, they are becoming visible in much wider national and international audience.

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