Unique Value Proposition of BITE of Art

Today, innovation is a key driver of economic growth in all areas. Innovation is often understood as redefining processes and developing ideas that improve services. Innovations in communications are one of the key drivers of today economy. From the artistic value side, contemporary art is bringing innovation to artistic expression. Thus, BITE of Art value proposition for cultural operators is innovation in communication of contemporary visual art.

Unique Value Proposition of BITE of Art

Approaching to young people at their information sharing and gathering grounds – at social media, with tailored made narrative for each contemporary art event

Application of the unique interactive digital communication tools for dynamization of the exhibition spaces - application of the IoT and AR technology

Extension of contemporary artworks performances at virtual spaces – application of the VR 360° and Art Tour during and after events

Access to new audience / consumers / buyers by using the latest technology solutions for artworks exhibiting and trade

Application of BITE elements in daily work of cultural operators in contemporary visual art will increase participation of young people into activities of contemporary art and culture. By combining young people openness toward innovation with BITE innovation in communication and content itself from the cultural organizations and institutions, will lead to general increase of public participation in cultural activities.

Today, the key contemporary communication media are digital information technologies. Young generations are living in the time of continuous modernization, predominantly exchanging their thoughts and emotions in a digital world. Contemporary art by its nature represents perfect tool for expression youth rebound and socially engaged voice of young people, while innovative digital tools used in BITE CABM are perfect solution for communication with, and for attracting youth as its audience. And, as above stated, millennials are the fastest growing demographics of art collectors.

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