5. Unique value

When we know with whom we would like to engage into communication or to say “relationship” - as todays communication demands much more than just sending information to someone, it demands constant and gradual interaction in order to develop out of them passionate fans of our work and contemporary art – it is easier for us to define a UNIQUE VALUE for them. Each of these “audience personas” or segments of the target audience (sub-target group), each of them is expecting a different value from you as artistic and cultural provider and from now on we will call it a unique value.

So, how to define unique value and what it serves us for?

By defining a unique value, we will define what our audience expects from us, and this will help us to craft a messages that are going to deliver them exactly what they are expecting. While other information we have drafted when defining our audience personas will help us to adjust these messages to the language they are using or is appealing to them, throughout medium they are mostly attracted to and in time when they are in search for such information.

Here we will turn to Value proposition CANVAS – a methodology for defining a unique value of your audience persona. Picture below is structural scheme of this CANVAS.

First, you should go back and read what you have written for your most important audience persona. Pay a special attention to the tasks they are performing either in their work or in their leisure time. Tasks not necessarily mean some obligations, it also means something they would like to do.

Translate these findings into “needs”. List all their needs on one place.

Separate “needs” on those which help them solve their problems from those which help them to get some additional value from you. Maybe you will have only the later once. That’s perfectly ok.

Now, help your audience persona to achieve those “needs”, by defining an offer for them. This offer is a unique value you would like to deliver to your audience persona.

When you are done with this, we can go toward integration of this offer into your communication messages.

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