ADDENDUM: Practical advices

Social media campaign

Social media campaign for one, or group of contemporary art events should be implemented on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and Twitter following previously strategically planned communication. If cultural operator is applying all three BITE pop-up content, campaign should combine the promotion of all three, in one story. BITE of Art content and social media accounts should be primarily used for promoting the cultural operator and its event, and secondly as BITE content itself. Young people from 18 to 35 years old, are a target group for this campaign, with aim to be engage with, to take active part at BITE of Art events and content and visit cultural operator’s event and to download BITE IoT application. Campaign should be executed in local language.

In practice:

- Preparing announcement of the cultural operator’s event and BITE pop-up content, accompanied with the photos and short video

o Optionally sharing of produce BITE video clips about BITE IoT experience

- Targeting young people by posting and boosting social media posts, including dissemination of produced video teasers and other online content in order to motivate young people.

- Boosting should precisely target audience:

o age 18 to 35

o living territory (matching with the cultural operator)

o areas of interest: art, museums, film, civil society activism, ….

- During cultural operator’s event / exhibition, posting and sharing video and photo posts.

o Keeps the audience up to date with daily Instagram / Facebook and Twitter posts, initiating dialogues

- After finishing the event / exhibition, by promotion of the digitalized exhibition (360°) with full access and VR options, and produced short video reportages from the events.

o   Conduct optional paid boosting for the same target audience

Campaign should be done in two tracks:

- Using BITE of Art pages on social networks – the assistance will be provided by BITE technical supporting team

- Using cultural operator’s pages on social networks

TIPS for 3 social media networks





All posts, news, video published on the cultural operator’s web page should be shared at its Facebook page

All posts, news, video published on the cultural operator’s web page should be shared at its Twitter account

Placement of the 3 photos in the line and video from the opening events / exhibitions with accompanying short text / stories and #

Publishing short video clips as announcements before event / exhibition.

All news and events updates published on the BITE web portal will be shared at BITE and cultural operator’s Facebook page

Placement of the announcement of the events / exhibitions opening with # Links to the NFTs artworks at BITE Virtual Gallery

Placement of the web banners / web visuals / infographics / video clips - ads produced for the Media Campaign and their busting

Create with the artist and record (by phone) his/her one-minute video statements about the exhibition and each exhibited artwork. Broadcast at the beginning of the exhibition and during.

All video material produced should be shared with BITE and accompanying title and # to be published on BITE Facebook page

All video material produced with accompanying title and # should posted at Twitter account

During event / exhibition placement of at least one post (photo / video) about exhibition

Record and broadcast during exhibition short video clips about application of BITE pop-up content (at the exhibition) – how you are using at the spot.

Using of cultural operator’s Facebook page for busting of the SM campaign ads

Using of this Twitter account for sharing of the social media campaign ads, from Facebook

Presenting images of the NFTs artworks at BITE Virtual Gallery

Announcement of the events / exhibitions opening and Art-Nights to be published in the form of “Facebook event”

Proposed general hashtags: #BITEofArt, #BITE, #contemporaryart, #art, #360VR, #VR360, #creativity, #exibition Specific hashtags should be related to the cultural operator, its location, artist name, its work, topic, expression type etc.

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