By collaborating with the BITE Support Team and leveraging the features of the BITE account on OpenSea, cultural operators can effectively showcase and sell their digital artworks within the BITE Virtual Gallery while ensuring smooth transactions and proper management of NFT sales.

2.1. Accessing the BITE Account on OpenSea

To make use of the BITE OpenSea account, which provides a dedicated "Collection" section for each cultural operator, follow these guidelines:

• Coordinate with the BITE support team and provide them with the necessary information, including the digital artwork/s and related metadata you wish to mint as NFT and sell through the BITE Virtual Gallery on OpenSea (see chapter 3 for more details).

• In addition to the artwork details, provide your cryptocurrency wallet address to the BITE support team. This wallet will be used for receiving the proceeds from the NFT sales.

• Optionally, when representing an artist, provide the artist's cryptocurrency wallet address as well. This allows for direct payments to the artist from the NFT sales, royalties, if desired.

• The BITE support team will handle the entire process on OpenSea using the BITE account, ensuring a whole experience in listing your artworks for NFT trading within the BITE Virtual Gallery.

• Familiarize yourself with the features and functionality of the BITE account on OpenSea, with a specific focus on the capabilities and tools available within the dedicated "Collection" section where the artworks that you represent will be listed.

2.2. Customizing Your BITE Virtual Gallery Profile

2.2. Customizing Your BITE Virtual Gallery Profile

• Collaborate with the BITE Support Team to ensure that your BITE Virtual Gallery profile on OpenSea accurately reflects your cultural operator's brand identity.

• Customize your profile by incorporating your cultural operator's logo, description, and any other relevant information that showcases your organization's unique qualities and artistic offerings.

• Utilize the dedicated "Collection" section within the BITE account on OpenSea to showcase and organize the digital artworks you intend to sell as part of your virtual gallery.

• Leverage the tools and features provided within the BITE account on OpenSea to optimize the presentation and discoverability of your digital artworks.

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