Chapter A


: Start with click on the at the bottom of the drop-down menu and enter the log in data:

Begin by clicking on “LOG IN” at the bottom of the drop-down menu and enter your login data:

- Username: Your registered email address.

- Password: The one received in the email after registration.

After logging in, the page opens with the available BITE Web features for further use:

The appearance of this window confirms that the profile of your organization/institution has been successfully created, and you will receive a link to the login page and instructions for creating the password at the registered email address.

This user page will be further used as starting point for:


Posting your new events with all accompanying information about event, artists, and artworks, that will be automatically presented at the web portal’s “EVENTS” page and used for feeding BITE IoT application, BITE 360 and BITE Art Tour.

Adding NEWS

Publishing news about your organization / institutions and contemporary art events in your organization.

Adding a BITE tour

Present contemporary artworks in public spaces within your organization by entering all initial information about artists, artworks, and location. These data will be present only at the BITE mobile application at the location.

Entirng BITE Forum

Connect with the community by starting a new discussion or participating in ongoing discussions.

My Profile

Change information about institution – at any time update information about organisation / institutions that were entered during registration.

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