Private Galleries Are Facing Permanent Closure Due to COVID 19 Measures / source:

Privately owned and operated galleries and museums are facing great challenges due to the COVID 19 lockdown measures and economic consequences of the pandemic. Most cultural institutions in the Western world are still closed. A survey conducted last month by the American Alliance of Museums (AAM) found that a third of all museums in the United States may never reopen. On the other side of the Atlantic, governments of Germany, France and the United Kingdom have pledged more than 6 billion euros for the rescue of artistic and cultural operators.

Despite the grim outlook for the cultural operators, there are some institutions that are trying to return to normal mode of working. One of successful examples is London’s Tate Museum  which reopened in mid August 2020. Special measures aimed at reducing the chance of infection have been implemented and are strictly enforced for all visitors and staff. Exhibition spaces are regularly cleaned and all public surfaces disinfected. On the other hand, institutions that are still not able to reopen are increasingly offering online and virtual exhibitions in order to stay in touch with regular visitors and collectors. 

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